Curtis Lovell II, is a professional showman, escape artist and corporate entertainer. You may have even seen him on programs such as; The Simple Life with Paris Hilton, Gene Simmons: Family Jewels, Spike Television -MANswers and live on stage with 1950’s movie actor Tony Curtis and talk show host Larry King. Also, he has worked with many of the fortune 500 companies around the world delivering them many laughs and magical wonders. He is the idea entertainment for your function!

With Lovell's knowledge of corporate entertainment at all levels of industry – from the Fortune 500 and industry conferences, trade associations and beyond. Lovell is way more than simply a corporate entertainer you may have worked with in the past. For each of his clients, he creates and performs original and high energy business content blended with humor and interactive escapes.

Amazing Escapes and Personality:
Magically, you hear your thoughts read aloud, watches stop on command and you witness Curtis escape from police handcuffs - straightjackets or even a death death defying escape. Curtis' energy itself is magic -- drawing you into the positive, interactive experience.

Engaging the audience, Curtis makes your guests the stars of the show -- never the punch-line.

As a full-time professional entertainer, Curtis Lovell has performed for millions of people around the world, if being in Singapore, China, Philippines, Spain, Thailand or the States. Lovell has made over 10 guests appearances on national and international television such as: The Simple life with Paris Hilton, Gene Simmons Family Jewels, and on networks such as USA, E! Entertainment, Spike Television.

When you hire Curtis, you entrust your guests to a professional entertainer with an outgoing personality. You and your guests will Exit from Reality.

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